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Friday, June 22, 2007

'I Love You Always and Forever' is going from strength to strength, selling all across the world. My next project from Gullane, now part of the Alligator publishing house, will be 'Rufus, the Artic Hare'. This story will be about a little snow hare's adventures at christmas time.

Remember this title from our promotional sheet last year? Well here it is in the flesh, thanks again to BizzyBee!

I've decided to let Heidi share my limelight...after much public demand! As some of you will know, Heidi has run away from her fulltime job to join the wonderful world of children's books...and freelance life :) (daytime tv, dog walks, ebay...oh and work)

Its great having the company and even better having the extra input. We both have degrees in Graphic Design and we have always made a great team in the past.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where the....cough...have you been?!

Well...i feel very ashamed...its been over a year since i visited my page...a year! Where did it go?

I'm back now though, so stop your fretting...and i'll try and stay for a while!

In my defence, it certainly has been a very busy year. Loads of wonderful books to work on and even some with my wife Heidi as author. Bizzy Bee have published four of our books so far, with some more in the pipeline. I'll post some images soon.

My whole year ahead also seems to be filling up nicely, with some more great books to look forward to.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and worked with me over these, you're not getting rid of me thast easily.

I'm off again now, but i'll check in again soon with some fresh images and some up to date news (not a year old!).